5 Mistakes That Make Candidates Fail Job Interviews

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5 Mistakes That Make Candidates Fail Job Interviews

Here at DreamITjobs, we find you… Well, dream IT jobs. Duh. But we can’t do all the work for you. Sorry – you still have to come to the interviews we set you up with, and make a good impression on the people that you’ll be working with if you get the job.

Despite us setting them up for success, some candidates have managed to shot themselves in the foot and fail at job interviews! They lost their shot at a real dream job where they could get an attractive salary by working remotely from home.

Are you thinking about applying for a job? Here are five mistakes that make candidates fail at job interviews. Make sure you don’t repeat them, and your chances will be much better!

Mistake #1: Being Late For The Job Interview

“Oh, I’m never late!” You say. I said the same and one time I got up at 7 AM for a 7 PM meeting on the previous day! Oops, wrong time zone!

It’s such a silly way to lose a job! But it happens – most clients are busy people and don’t tolerate people standing them up. Our recruiters are always available to check things with you, so make sure you got the time right. And always add it to your calendar.

I use two calendars, just to be safe!

Mistake #2: Bringing Pets and Kids To The Job Interview

Don’t you just love when you are talking to someone, and their kids are running around, screaming and messing stuff up? What about dogs barking? Cats taking over the screen? Yes, we love it too. So does your future employee. Not.

You know, most employees are taking their first steps into accepting a remote worker. One of their main concerns is that people who work from home get distracted a lot, and are less productive.

Don’t increase their concern by having your family run around during the interview. Find a quiet space. Your family can live without you for 30 minutes, and they’ll have you around a lot more if you get the job.

Mistake #3: Being A Mysterious Stranger

Make sure your webcam is blurry, your voice is obscured by people ordering coffee or the mooing of nearby cows, and your connection is so weak that the interviewer only hears 33% of your words. It’s like they are hiring Batman! Everyone loves Batman!

But… Batman doesn’t work remotely. In fact, he doesn’t work at all – it’s just a hobby. But you? You are looking for an actual paid work. The people that will be working with you, and paying for your salary, want to know they are dealing with a responsible human being. They want you to be someone that will understand and connect with them.

So leave the secret identity at the door.

Mistake #4: Not Preparing In Advance

Extremely busy clients on tight schedules will be annoyed when you realize you need to set up your video chat app or grab a new pair of headphones right at the start of the interview.

Sure! Don’t recharge your laptop or make sure your phone has enough charge! That last red strike near the battery marker is not a warning, but a CHALLENGE to see how far you can go into the interview until you suddenly blackout on your future employer!

Mistake #5: Trying To Negotiate Your Salary After You’ve Agreed To a Number

No-one enjoys talking money. Especially not an employer that has already been informed of how much your charge. Our recruiters make sure to negotiate your salary with you and the people you’ll be working with, before any interview. We work hard to get you the best possible deal.

It doesn’t make you look honest and trustworthy when you decide to up the stakes and ask for more than you initially agreed on when you are being interviewed.

It makes us look bad. It makes you look bad. Stand by what you asked initially – don’t try to raise your prices once you meet face-to-face.

It’s Easy To Get a Dream IT Job With Us; Don’t Ruin It With A Silly Mistake

Seriously, guys and ladies: we work hard to put you in front of exceptional employers that are interested in paying a fair wage and giving solid working conditions to top talent.

Don’t miss your chance at an excellent job because you accidentally let one of the above happen. Even the cow mooing. That happens all the time.